Broadcaster Jeremy White
on his experience with Voicetracker Hub
I decided to get involved with Voicetracker Hub because, as someone with a home studio and the ability to do radio shows (apparently), it seemed like a no brainer.

I’ve been approached quite a few times so far and have taken on some jobs that I have been able to do in my own time and at my own leisure. I do believe that voicetracking is the future.
Debbie Mac
Voicetracker Hub is a great tool to get work for professionals around the World.

Within a week of signing up I was presenting a daily radio show from my home in the U.K. to a global audience at a radio station based in Spain to a unique high end niche audience.
Graham Torrington
Thanks to the Hub I now present 11-3 Weekdays on Like Radio, 4-7 Weekdays on Connect (that’s Live though) and Friday & Saturday nights on Fosse 107 with occasional VT cover for Radio Essex!!
Mikey Faulkner
If you’re thinking about getting involved in, take it from me… you will not be disappointed. And the gigs are gonna start flowing in… It’s for announcers by announcers (or if you’re in the UK; for presenters, by presenters)!
Jeremy White
This is a great idea – it will be a useful resource for many a programmer I’m sure!
Ric Blaxill
Bauer Medua
This is a genius idea! To have such world class talent instantly available to your station is something that programmers all over will love.
Mike Cass
Programme Director
There's no way we could have launched our station without Voicetracker Hub. We've filled our presenter roster with fantastic talent from the site.
Jonny Simpson
Force Radio
Thanks to the exposure on Voicetracker Hub I've now gained 2 shows on North Derbyshire Radio: Sunday afternoons and Saturday Night Dance Anthems.

The feedback has been super positive!!
Dan Davis