Voice Tracker of the Year 2018 – Lyndsey Marie

We are delighted to announce that the winner of Voice Tracker of the year 2018 is Lyndsey Marie from USA! Amongst her many shows and stations, Lyndsey can be heard on on ​93x in Minneapolis, and WFTK 96 Rock in Cincinnati.

The entries were judged by Australia based Programmer and Consultant ​Ronnie Stanton, MD of RCS UK ​Jon Early , ​​National BBC Presenter, Talent Coach and Agent ​Sam Walker and ​US Radio Guru ​Joseph Cristiano.

Sam was particularly impressed by Lyndsey’s natural delivery: ​“Love her sense of humour and speech patterns – really natural and irreverent at the same time..​”
Similarly, Ronnie said. ​“Love the energy and her attitude fits in perfectly with her station format. Keeps it live and local sounding.”

A number of other presenters were highly commended including:

Andy Lawson
“He’s very good at altering his tone to match the music he is playing – many jocks don’t do this! This allows a smooth transition from music to link.”

Wim Brons
“A great voice. Amazed this is his third language!”

Mark Blackman
“This is the show to listen to, to learn stuff! Many many facts in each and every link!”

Well done to everyone who entered. You can hear Lyndsey’s entry by watching the video.